Google’s Recorder App To Get An Audio Editing Feature

Google recently announced that its Recorder App, available for Pixel 2 or newer phones, will get a new update that will make it easier for users to search through audio files. The update will allow users to select a snippet of audio from a recorded clip, which can either be shared or removed from the larger audio file.

In addition, specific word searches can also be performed in a recorded transcript which can be deleted as well. Irrelevant crutch words like “uh”, “um”, etc. can be looked for and deleted using this update.

This feature can be accessed offline, the same way its live English transcription function works – without needing internet access. Google announced the feature in a blog discussing the Pixel 5, but it is likely to arrive on other Google’s Pixel phones as well, though Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

You can download the current version of the Recorder App from the Google Play Store for free.

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