Google Play Store Now Allows Users To Compare Between Apps

Google is allegedly looking to roll out a new feature that will allow users to compare between apps before downloading them. The Play Store comprises of over a million apps to browse through and select from. Google already allows users to rate apps and review them, which helps customers in choosing between apps, but a direct comparison will cut down a lot of work and will be an extremely time effective method.

The company is working towards a comparison section for the users to quickly compare between multiple apps. The feature is currently limited to Media Player apps only.

A few users recently spotted a comparison section near the bottom of app pages on the Google Play Store. It was found in-between the “similar apps” section and the “more apps by relevant developer” section.

It is a well-designed and convenient feature, since it cuts down the workload of shifting between app descriptions, reviews and ratings continuously to choose one app.

Users are hopeful that Google Play Store launches the new update soon enough and includes more varieties of apps to compare between. For example, allowing comparisons between social media apps and messaging apps would be a huge perk.

The feature was reportedly available on version 22.4.28 of the Play Store, but only select users gained access to it. We are hoping it will be launched for the general masses shortly.