Google Meet Now Allows Users To Choose Custom Background Images

Google Meet is now allowing users to pick and personalize their web backgrounds as per their will and mood. Users will be given complete freedom to pick from a versatile set of backgrounds, allowing users to simultaneously hide their backgrounds.

Google is offering users with the ultimate option of “hand-picked images.” This incorporates office spaces, landscapes, and abstract backgrounds, although users are eligible for uploading their own.

Controls are present in the “Change background” menu item, to which one has access before and during calls:
• In order to select a pre-uploaded background, click a background.
• In order to upload your own image for your background, click Add.
The new built-in update does “not require an extension or any additional software.” It’s coming firstly to Chrome for Mac and Windows, and additionally to Chrome OS. Soon after, it is expected to be available for the Meet’s Android and iOS apps, since Google announced this is “coming soon.”

Pressing on, Google will shortly introduce controls later this year that will allow the Admins to determine exactly which organizational units can change their background. Unfortunately, for the current moment, participants (i.e. students) of meetings started by Education accounts cannot set backgrounds of their personal choice.