Google One To Launch 2TB+ Plans Including VPN For iOS and Mac/Windows

Google made its storage subscription service free for phone backups on Android and announced plans for iOS. Google’s next move is speculated to have VPN added on to the higher tier plans.

Google advertised their VPN as an “extra layer of online protection for your Android phone” and “peace of mind that your data is safe.” This was shortly followed by Google Fi offering a comparable service to its MVNO subscribers, “We already build advanced security into all our products, and the VPN extends that security to encrypt all of your phone’s online traffic, no matter what app or browser you’re using. The VPN is built into the Google One app, so with just one tap, you can rest assured knowing your connection is safe from hackers.”

Google One plans start at 100 GB ($1.99/month) and 200 GB ($2.99) of expanded Drive and Photos storage, although the VPN requisites one to jump to 2TB at $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually. It comes alongside multiple other benefits such better support, Pro Sessions, Gold Status on Google Play Points, and 10% back on the Google Store. It’s available on the 10, 20, and 30TB plans as well.

The company is allowing users to add up to 5 family members on the 2TB Google One plan, thus allowing each one to enable VPN on their devices, without any additional charges.

The VPN is set to roll out to Android over the course of the coming weeks in the United States and can be enabled/disabled from the mobile app. It is reportedly going to be available to “more countries and to iOS, Windows and Mac in the coming months.”

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