Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to Launch on Stadia

The long-awaited sequel to 2018’s Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is due to drop in November, and it will get a launch on Goggle Stadia as well as the conventional systems.

News that the popular franchise is coming to Google’s streaming service is likely to be welcomed by fans, not only because of the nature of the release but also that it appears it will drop on the same day as the physical release, something that hasn’t always been the case. Ubisoft’s historical titles have regained a large following after losing their way at the start of the current generation of consoles and Valhalla
promises to be the best AC game yet.

The series has always played on historical context threaded through clever storylines, with the obvious highlight being the trilogy of games that made up the Ezio Auditore story. That was set in renaissance Italy and all three games became instant hits. Since then, there have been some successes (Black Flag) and some misses (Unity), but a reboot in 2017 saw the franchise take a new direction.

Firstly with Origins, and then Odyssey, the series added RPG elements to the gameplay and developed much larger maps, but still with historical context. Their success lays within the game’s settings, namely ancient Egypt and ancient Rome for the last two games. The latest release goes even further back, taking the player to the Viking invasion of England and Europe in 873 AD.

The Viking genre has become increasingly popular on digital media over the last few years. The TV show Vikings undoubtedly helped, whilst Game of Thrones played on Viking themes in a less conventional manner. There has also been a rise in Viking imagery and themes being used in online games, reaching out of the usually accepted genres such as consoles. There are plenty of games on Foxy Bingo withstrong Viking subject matter, such as Viking Riches and Viking Go Wild. These themes have also been developed on with larger, more ambitious titles such as God of War a hugely successful franchise across a range of platforms. The success of those titles suggests that Ubisoft could well have a huge hit on their hands this fall, especially with the addition of the title to Stadia.

Other elements which have gamers intrigued are the return of the settlements that briefly made an appearance in Black Flag. Other major titles, such as Fallout 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, have allowed players to develop their ‘base’, adding features and perks the further they delve into the game. Whilst increasing attributes and RPG elements have ensured the last two titles have been both critical and commercial successes, the franchise refuses to stand still.

Indeed, standing still prompted a hiatus after the release of AC Syndicate in 2015. Whilst it was a decent standalone game in its own right, it drew criticism for being too much like its predecessor, the widely panned Unity. That prompted a two-year rethink and the new direction, which has engaged fans once again.

Interestingly, it is due to drop on November 10, the same day as another major release on the gaming calendar. Destiny 2's Beyond Light expansion will now also go live on November 10 after being pushed back from September, making it a real red- letter day for gaming fans and Stadia subscribers.

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