Apple’s Colossal Warning Regarding iPhone 12 Pro Comes To Light

Apple’s most talked about launch this year, the iPhone 12 Pro, is undoubtedly one of the finest choices in the market right now. In a contemporary support document spotted by MacRumors, Apple has rather quietly warned users that the high-end phone might come with a set of some consequential downsides to its innovative new MagSafe wireless charging system, and the issue exceeds the weak magnets.

In a sequence of bullet points at the end of the document, Apple has warned the buyers of iPhone 12 series phones that MagSafe can:
• Increase heat build-up and restrict charging, meaning if one’s iPhone battery gets “too warm”, their charging will be restricted to a mere capacity of 80%.
• Damage the magnetic strips and RFID chips in credit cards, security badges, passports and key fobs if they come between the back of the iPhone and the MagSafe charger. To solve this, Apple also sells a MagSafe Wallet.
• Damage leather cases used alongside the charger by leaving “circular imprints”.

Setting these aside for the moment, there’s a lot to like about MagSafe as well, as third-party accessories increase, the potential it promises to yield is massive. If one is still unsure about the down-side of the iPhone 12, it would be suggested they wait around for a little more time to see the aforementioned issues being tackled by the company in upcoming models.

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