Apple Mocked By Samsung Over Not Providing Charger With iPhone 12

The Apple iPhone 12 series will be shipping without a charger or AirPods and the internet has not taken kindly to the news.

Apple has been roasted overnight and fans do not seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung, decided to get in on the fun and throw some serious shade on the company’s decision. The South Korean multinational conglomerate had their share of the fun over the exclusion of an in-box power adaptor with a Facebook post that has blown up on the internet.

“Well, the battery drains faster than lightning, so…”, wrote one Facebook user.

Some users pointed out how Samsung had previously made fun of Apple for removing the headphone jack but later followed suit. “Samsung first made fun of the unavailability of the headphone jack and proceeded to remove it anyway, so is it the same scenario again?” questioned another commenter.

Let’s hope for Samsung to stick by their words this time and not drop the in-box charger anytime soon.

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