Apple Launches HomePod Mini At $99

Apple has launched HomePod Mini at an event today. The growing presence of more affordable Amazon Echo and Google Nest has forced Apple to launch the HomePod Mini. The HomePod Mini features powerful speakers so users can play music and interact with Siri. HomePod Mini has a deep integration with iPhone. It also has “Smart Home” so HomePod Mini can integrate with the Home App and connect with the HomeKit accessories like to lock the doors, dim the lights or set the scene.

Apple has also introduced Intercom – a new feature on HomePod Mini which lets you communicate with other family members in the home and acts like a home intercom. A brilliant feature that only Apple can do. Intercom connects with CarPlay and iPhone as well.

HomePod Mini will be available from November 6th and shipping from November 16th. It is priced at just $99.

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