Apple Likely To Launch A Search Engine Soon

Apple is reportedly under works of developing a search engine of their own, thus likely to depend less on Google in the forthcoming future. The speculations came to light after the enhanced search functionality offered on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 didn’t require Google support to answer user queries. The multibillion-dollar company had also posted job openings this year for search engineers, suggesting they might be moving forward to having a native search engine.

There is a high possibility that Apple is fast-tracking a search product under the light of Google’s current legal situation. The well-celebrated search engine is under investigation related to alleged antitrust violations which center on Google Search. If Google loses the case and ends up having to break its partnership, Apple could face some serious issues.

The default search engine on Apple iPhones currently is Google. Allegedly, Google pays Apple up to $12 billion per year to be the default search engine. If Google fails to provide the service to Apple users in the future, it might raise some serious complications for Apple. Keeping this in mind, speculation has been going around about Apple launching their very own search engine anytime soon.

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