YouTube Music Hits 500 Million Downloads, Set To Officially Replace Google Play Music On All Android Devices

Google’s latest venture at a Music Streaming App, YouTube Music, has just crossed 500 million downloads. YouTube Music was not very well received when it came out, with most users favoring Google’s old Music App – Google Play Music. But Google is discontinuing Play Music soon, and YouTube Music is the intended replacement app. Replacing such a widely loved application was obviously a very tough task, and reaching 500 million downloads on Google Play Store is a big achievement for YouTube Music, even after the service is being aggressively promoted by Google. 

YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music on all android devices, and it will come pre-bundled with Android 10 and above. This strategy has already boosted the number of downloads significantly, along with the fact that anybody who had a big library of songs in GPM will be forced to switch over to YouTube Music, so as to not lose their playlists. 

If you’re not keen on switching over then you can always find replacements like Spotify, Deezer, and Pandora. If you have already downloaded and tried YouTube Music but didn’t really like it, then not much can be done. 

500 million is a huge number of downloads even if it has been artificially inflated a bit. With the increase in downloads, it is expected that some much-loved features of the Play Music app will be introduced, along with other modifications and updates to make the application a true replacement and compete with all other streaming services.

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