YouTube Adds Big ‘Create’ Button For Android To Prompt Users

YouTube is a primary source of all kinds of entertainment for all users, with only a fraction of users creating content through the mobile app. Google wants to encourage users to create more content, and for that they have made changes to the layout of the home page of the mobile app, emphasizing the “create” button.

The update will feature a bigger create button right in the center of the bottom bar. The create button, before the update, was between the “search” and the “cast” icon, in the shape of a camera on the upper right corner of the home screen. The new button will be a plus sign inside a circle, standing out between its neighbors. The notifications icon will replace the create button on the upper right, while the subscriptions button will move to the right to make space for the new button. The update is currently available only for android in India.

Assumptions are that this feature is a step towards launching “Shorts“, Google’s YouTube-based competitor for TikTok. Rumors are this feature is launched in India first because of the ban that had been imposed on Tiktok.