Google Maps Will Now Show COVID-19 Hotspots

Google has been a constant source of information and relief amidst the coronavirus pandemic. It has been providing useful data to its users through most of its services and Apps, among which Google Maps has had its fair share. Now, Maps is all set to introduce another layer which shows at what locations the outbreak has hit the hardest.

Jane Wong on Twitter discovered the new map layer that Google has been working on. This new layer, titled “COVID-19” shows alongside options like transit, traffic, Street View, etc.

The COVID-19 map layer will show more distinct lines between states in the US and then highlight in color the places where the outbreaks are the worst. It is not known yet how the regions will be marked for when cases are worse. In the screenshots above, a map can be seen that’s somewhat similar to the one on the CDC website.

Reportedly, all the data that is being used by Google is sourced from the New York Times, Wikipedia, Johns Hopkins University, and Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. Currently, the feature is showing up only for users in the US and possibly Canada as well. Since Google is sourcing data from India, it is safe to assume that the feature could have a much wider launch.

We can’t really say when this feature will officially be rolling out, but it’s not the first time Google is using Maps as a way to help users stay safe amidst the pandemic considering how the company has shown details on restaurants offering takeout/delivery and even displayed messages about wearing a mask.