‘Dogfood’ Build of Google News To Roll Out Via Play Store

On opening the Google News App, users are seeing a notice that they’re using a confidential “dogfood” build of the App.

A never-seen-before update of Google News was rolled out to Android users via the Google Play Store. It seemed like Google accidentally released a “dogfood” build, complete with confidentiality notices and a tweaked icon featuring a paw print.


This version is internal only. Don’t discuss it with non-Googlers.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that something like this has been observed. Earlier this year, a Google Messages update featured this same paw print, indicating an internal “dogfood” testing build. It revealed some work-in-progress features. Another interesting reveal took place when Chrome Canary featured a cute baby dinosaur in an egg for a brief period of time.

However, this time much more has been revealed about the inner workings of the Google News App through the “dogfood” update. The new features include a floating action button on the main page to give “Dogfood feedback” about the app, a previously unavailable option called “Labs” inside the Settings with hundreds of options that you can enable and disable, among other Google’s A/B experiments.


Now, as people have started to notice some peculiarity about this build of Google News, it is highly likely that Google will reverse the release of the confidential dogfood version of the app and put us back on the older version.

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