Become A Designer Using Nothing But Your Smartphone

Before we dive into the incredible possibilities of modern smartphones, a little disclaimer is a must. Sure, a lot of things can be done with these devices and you can obtain incredible results as an absolute amateur, but those will never be on the same level than when a professional designer creates something. After all, when it comes to design, it’s all about the skills of the artist and not the tools that they use. And smartphones give us a plethora of tools that do all kinds of stuff. However, that doesn’t mean professional designers don’t also use these, meaning that you, as a complete newbie, can hope to get similar results.

Large, multi-million dollar companies often pay hundreds of thousands for fonts, logos, and similar graphic material. When you take that into consideration, you realize just how much humans are visual beings. Whether you run a business, want to grab someone’s attention, or simply have fun with photography and graphic design, it pays off to know what you’re doing. Now, if you don’t have a background in any of these spheres, you’ll either have to pay up to get what you want or to learn how to do it. Fortunately, with the advances in technology, we now have these powerful devices that can fit in our pockets and do wonderful things.

When smartphones first came out, “there’s an app for that” used to be the thing. Indeed, no matter what you wanted to do, you could always go to the app store and find a piece of software to help you out. People used to have dozens, even hundreds of apps installed, and were using them on a daily basis. Nowadays, smartphones are an everyday thing and the hype about downloading every single app is long gone. We mostly use them for texting, photography, and playing JerkDolls games. However, the potential of these gadgets is bigger than ever which is why they can be used for all sorts of designing. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, an Instagram aficionado, someone who wants to start his own design agency, or if you simply want to dabble in the field, all it takes is a mobile phone.

Adobe, one of the largest design software developers in the world offers a ton of choices for your phone. From Photoshop and Illustrator to more obscure apps, you can download anything and go wild. In addition to major publishers, there are thousands of smaller apps that give various options. If you’re into photography, you can download camera applications that come with various presets. Suddenly, you can do something other than playing free adult games. You can take professional-looking black and white pictures, vintage stuff, add special effects, and more. With apps like Canva, offering a simple drag and drop interface, you could have breathtaking designs in minutes. Whether you’re looking for your next t-shirt print, an event poster, or an Instagram story, they’ll have you covered.