Apple’s AirPods Pro Drop Down To $200 On Amazon And Staples

Both Amazon and Staples are discounting Apple’s AirPods Pro to $200 until September 19th. The original price of the earbuds is $250 and both the companies are knocking $50 off the retail price.

Staples offered a similar discount during the weeklong promotion in August but their inventory got sold out within a day. It is likely that, this time too, both the retailers’ inventories will sell out very soon, as this kind of discount is very rare and this is the lowest price at which Apple’s AirPods Pro have been offered till date.

Unlike the standard AirPods that have a hard plastic design and fits “most” ears, the AirPods Pro have a silicon tip which makes the earbuds more flexible and comfortable. They also offer customizable fit wherein three tip sizes are offered along with the earbuds. Improving on the less expensive AirPods, AirPods Pro also include noise cancellation, better sound quality, and a wireless charging case.

Staples is holding another sale on the standard AirPods where the earbuds are being offered at $130, knocking off $30 on the original retail price. Buying them with a wireless charger would cost you an extra $35, meaning the AirPods with a wireless charging case are available at $165 right now.


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