Apple Watch Series 3 Replacement Will Get Series 4 Design Without The ECG Functionality, Rumors Say

Apple is hosting an event next week on Tuesday that will focus on a new Apple Watch which will replace the Series 3 watch, among other things. 

According to a Bloomberg report, the new low-end watch is supposed to replace its Series 3, which has a 38mm/42mm design and is powered by Apple’s S3 processor, as compared to Series 4 and Series 5 which have a 40mm/44mm design.

The report says that the new watch will have a similar design as the Series 4 that got discontinued once Series 5 was released. This means the new watch will have a display size of 40mm/44mm, thanks to slimmer bezels and a rounder design.

Keeping the cost of the new watch down is important. In order to do that, it will not have an always-on display or the ECG function. Jon Prosser, however, says that it will feature Apple’s M9 motion co-processor. Finding Apple’s product names ahead of release is near impossible, so the new watch is listed as the “Apple Watch” while the rumored “Series 6” is listed as the “Apple Watch Pro”, but Prosser is unsure if these are the final names for this year’s line up. 

The series 3 currently sells for $199 with GPS and $299 with GPS and cellular. The lower price range makes it an attractive option for most customers, and we’re still unsure what price range the new replacement for Series 3 will be in.

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