Xiaomi India Working On MIUI Update Without Pre-Installed Banned Chinese Apps

Indian Government recently banned several Chinese apps, most notably TikTok and WeChat, but also the Mi Browser Pro. This had serious implications for Xiaomi and its MIUI Android skin mainly because the company normally pre-installs its forbidden browser on its ROM. The company has now notified its customers that none of the blocked apps are working on its phones any longer and the latest version of MIUI is in the progress that gets relieved of them entirely. The company has also ensured that 100% of Indian user data will stay on local servers.

Xiaomi’s Indian Head, Manu Jain, tweeted recently that the company is complying with the ban. He claimed that the Indian user’s data has never been shared with anyone outside of the country.
“We want to clarify that none of the apps blocked by the Indian Government are available for access on any Xiaomi phones launched in India. We are developing a new version of MIUI that will be built without pre-installation of any of the blocked apps,” Jain said. He also added that the company “reserves the right” to take legal action against those spreading misinformation about its apps and the ban.

The company has relocated its assembly lines and components of its supply chain to India, where a majority of the phones it sells currently in the country are manufactured. This is because Xiaomi is a Chinese business and hence needs to fight hard to gain the confidence of its customers as well as the government.
Xiaomi commits that all the phones it sells in the country will provide the renewed version of MIUI that does not support any of the pre-installed banned apps. For survival in the Indian market, the company has to stay away from its country of origin.