UK Slot Machine Limited To £2: What It Means For Online Casinos?

Slot machines are enormously well known and are extremely popular in the UK, whether that’s in their physical form on their online virtual form. Nothing really changed very much when it came to slots at and the way they were played, but in November 2019 something dramatic did happen; the government changed the betting limit from £100 to £2 on these terminals.

With bookmakers receiving something like fifty percent of their revenue from these machines, the shock must have been felt all over. It is certainly going to have had an impact on their business. Land based casinos will similarly have felt a fall in profits because of this relatively new rule.

Online Slots

At this point, online slots have not been affected by the new limits imposed on their physical cousins. But will this always be the case, or will the government extend the reach of the new law and make it relevant to online casinos too? At the moment this is not clear, but since any changes to physical slots tend to be mirrored (eventually) by online ones, it seems as though it is certainly possible.

Land Based UK Slots

With the cap of the land based UK slots being altered to a significantly lower amount, the physical casinos and bookies will be hit hard. As there’s a present annual taking of £1.8 billion from bookmakers just from slot machines alone, this is set to have an enormous impact. With many betting stores facing the huge decision as to whether they need to shut their doors before they get themselves into fiscal trouble, there’s also the problem of the amount of jobs which will be forfeited along the way. With numerous individuals out of work, there’ll be a rise in folks claiming unemployment and some ex-employees might end up unable to take care of their families or pay their mortgages and bills. As there are more than 33,600 known betting stores spread across the UK, the problem is a potentially widespread one.

Traditional to Online Slots

Since the changes have come about and people are no longer able to play physical slots using the amount of money they want to, there will have been an impact on online casinos. This will, for the most part, be a positive one. If people can’t spend their money physically, they can spend it in a virtual casino instead, and that’s great for those online casinos – they will find many more customers. So rather than the government helping those who had a gambling problem, they have chased them online, where it is harder to detect and more difficult to stop.