Tips on How to Pick the Best High-Paying Slots

Slots are among the most preferred casino games in the gambling world. As a player, you will find it fun to play an online slot for real money or free. However, it is a challenge to beat the technology behind slot machines and win a large amount at the casino. People have different opinions regarding the gameplay and payouts of online slots. Existing research shows that some opinions on how easy it is to win slots are completely wrong. Table games such as Blackjack offer the lowest house edge and odds in comparison with online slot games. It is important to learn how to pick and play slots that pay well. In this guide, we will offer simple strategies/tips on how to pick and play on a high-paying slot.

It might be a bit hard to pick a particular slot machine to play and get reasonable payouts. The following strategies will be vital when picking a high-paying slot game.

Play in Demo Mode

Most casino slots have a fun play that uses virtual coins without charging the player any money. The Free Play mode gives you complete access to the gameplay, bonus rounds, free spins, multipliers. This is an excellent way to examine how a particular slot machine works and how regularly it pays. Some features such as game theme and visual effects are not a factor when choosing a high-paying slot, so you don’t need to pay attention to them. As a newbie casino member, you should avoid betting with real money immediately you access a slot game.

Pick a slot machine with highest RTP

The Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of all the wagered money in a slot machine that players will get back if they win. In some slots, the RTP changes during bonus rounds or with different bet amounts. If you want to win large in casinos, you will need to find slot machines with high RTP rates. This is a key factor when looking for a high-paying slot. Each slot machine has a particular payout percentage and a house edge that is set by a game developer. The RTP rates of slot machines range between 82% and 98% with most slot ranges with 92% and 98% range. Generally, if you want to pick the best high-paying slots consider a slot with a good RTP rate.

Use existing slot reviews and threads

There are some platforms such as Reddit and TripAdvisor host players’ forums where players share their experiences in different places and slot machines as well. Players will comment on the slot machines they enjoy playing and you can see which one is common in these reviews.

Pick Slots from Established Game Developer

As an expert slot player will say, “Don’t stake your money in a slot machine from a game developer who is new to the market.” Some game developers, such as RealTime Gaming and Rival, are well known for high-paying slot machines. For example, the Cash Bandits 3 slot by RealTime Gaming offers 3 reels and 27 paylines with an RTP rate of 96.4%. This is an excellent slot to play since it is from a well-known developer and offers a higher return to player percentage.

Use casino comparison sites

From time to time, you will come across some websites that dedicate their space to casino reviews and comparisons. Some trusted sites offer genuine insights into the gameplay and bonus features of slot machines with a feedback section for players where you can get a better idea of how the slot payouts.

Avoid branded slots

Game developers are great at advertising their various slot machines. From time to time, they will try to get your attention by branding their slots with popular themes such as favorite TV shows or games. Some of these themes are not free hence the game providers have to pay for the brand and in return set a high house edge to cover for these costs.

With these factors in place, it is very simple to narrow down the list of slot machines you have to the best high-paying slots.


Choosing which slot machine to play is not an easy task; it requires one to have in-depth knowledge on the particular slot machine. The factors above can be a stepping stone when you want to filter a list of slot games. Every time you see a new slot game, take time to study the game provider, RTP rate and play a demo version before playing for real money.