Go With The Odds Or With Your Guts When Playing In An Online Casino?

All casinos, whether they are land-based or online make a profit from players and always have an advantage over players – otherwise, they would quickly go out of business! In many ways, casinos benefit from players who use their gut instincts over choosing to play games with the best odds.

Slots are a prime example of this, as although they’re extremely fun to play, they have the highest house edge out of all other games in the casino, meaning players are least likely to win playing them. They are a big part of why online and land-based casinos are so successful and many players who enjoy slots such as Sugar Train at Mega Reel tend to go with their gut instinct when playing because there isn’t any strategy involved.

Using odds instead of your gut instinct will mean you can predict with more accurately if you’ll win a game. Check out which games have the best odds and the lowest house edge and focus your efforts on learning strategies for those games. Blackjack, for example, has the lowest house edge in the casino and players have the opportunity to increase their odds of winning by perfecting their strategy. If you play casinos games online, you’ll most commonly find that the odds of the games are displayed as decimals which represent the returned stake.

You might not even realise it, but your intuition plays a big part in the decisions you make every single day and many people without knowing often disregard data and instead choose to go with what they feel if right. This is where people let their emotions be the driving factor in their decision making and when it comes to gambling it can be a disastrous cocktail – especially when players ignore the odds.

For a lot of players, going with your gut instinct while gambling is all part of the thrill and adds to the fun of gambling – and while it may be fun, it may not pay off in the long-run. If you are the type of player who prefers to go with your instinct when it comes to gambling, a great way to manage your bankroll is to stick religiously to your budget – so even if your gut intrinsic is telling you that your big win is just around the corner – once your bankroll is depleted – follow your head and not your gut and stop playing!

In a world which is now so data-driven, it would seem counter-productive to ignore the data and only use your instinct – especially as a gut feeling or intuition is hard to put your finger on. What is really making you make that decision? Is it a premonition? Subconscious knowledge? A totally random guess? Our intuition can be shaped by our emotions in the present as well as by our experiences in the past. So, maybe it shouldn’t be disregarded altogether, but it would be a much greater risk to let your decisions be swayed by your instinct alone and completely disregard facts that are readily available to you to help you win.