Guide to Online Slots: Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Betting

So, you want to start reading a guide to online slots: everything you need to know before you start betting, because you’re about to embark on your gambling adventure? Maybe you’re a seasoned slots fan and just want to brush up on your skills? Whatever the reason, read on for the online slots free daily spins low-down.

Reels and Pay Lines in Online Slots

Perhaps what is one of the most important part of the function of slots, the reels. These reels with online slots are super-important, as it’s here where you’ll find symbols which enable you a win – and all the more with jackpot slots! With most slots, the reels are comprised of three reels and three rows.
Other more important aspects of slots include pay lines. Pay lines with online slots are, in essence, the different ways you can form winning combinations. With slots there’s usually one pay line, with winning combinations made on the middle row on reels. The number of pay lines differs with every online slot.

Setting and Winning your Bets in Online Slots

At the start of a game on slots, you decide on the amount of money you want to play with. So first, pick your coin size, anywhere between one and 10 coins per line. There’s usually a minimum and maximum to choose from with online slots and a betting limit for each spin. A minimum and maximum betting range is usually from 25p to £50 a spin.

Once you’ve done this, it’s time to get spinning. With slots, it’s different to other casino games in that there is little to no strategy involved. The way to win with slots is by hitting the right symbols at the right time and place – look out for the highest value icons: scatters and wilds.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP) in Online Slots

The RTP in slots is a term exclusive to these kinds of casino games and it means the percentage of your betting sum which is returned back to players. The percentage depends on the online slot machine you’re playing with and what you’ll get back in the long-term.

It’s calculated for each of the slots individually, so an RTP of 95 per cent means you can win 95 per cent of your bet. It doesn’t mean that is the case every time you play with slots, but it’s a good way to figure out what your odds of winning are. Slots usually publish this next to their game online.

Guide to Online Slots Conclusion

So there you have it, your guide to online slots: everything you need to know before you start betting. We’re sure you’ll find this guide super handy, and there’s plenty of info here to put into practice on your slots adventure. Ultimately though, you can only learn by doing. So why not head to your online casino now and give slots a spin for yourself?