Google Meet Makes Its Way To Chromecast

A pandemic struck world has made video conferences a daily part of most of our lives. To make it easier for workers, Google has announced a new feature for Meet. Google Meet will now work with Chromecast devices to be cast on to your TVs. You can learn how to Chromecast from iPhone to stay mobile during online meetings instead of using a desktop or laptop.

In a recent post, Google confirmed that Google Meet is being extended to Chromecast as well as devices that have Chromecast built-in.

Google Meet will continue to work via the Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop where Google will use the camera, microphone, and audio from the device itself. The only difference would be that the meeting would be cast-off to your TV or any other display screen so you can have a better and a larger view.

The option to “Cast the Meeting” will appear right before you join a meeting. Then you can select the device to which you want to cast the meeting. This option will also be available while you’re already in the meeting under the 3-dot menu.

Even though Google doesn’t guarantee perfect compatibility on every device, it’s still a good option to have. It’s also a power move to set Google Meet apart from various competitors in the market, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which don’t offer a casting option as of yet.


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