Google Maps Now Available At Apple’s WatchOS And CarPlay Dashboard

Google Maps has been upgraded to operate with Apple’s CarPlay dashboard mode, which empowers users to display their current mapping directions parallelly with music controllers.The dashboard model was originally launched with iOS 13 previous year. It was confined to exclusively work with Apple Maps but ultimately released iOS 13.4 at the beginning of this year.

This opened the choice for third-party organizations to extend support for the dashboard mode on their own mapping apps. Although, till now only Google has actually implemented the support. This integration is open now on all CarPlay supported vehicles globally.
Google revealed two significant features for its mapping service on Apple platforms by returning back its Apple Watch app and rendering support for CarPlay Dashboard.

When Maps is returning back to Apple Watch, Google pitches by saying that “smartwatches help you stay connected and see essential information at a glance while on the go. Quickly get estimated arrival times and step-by-step directions to destinations you’ve saved, like Home or Work, and other shortcuts you’ve designated in the app. For all other destinations, you can start navigating from your phone and pick up where you left off on your watch. ”