Epic Games Has Filed An Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google Following The Fortnite Ban

In a recent turn of events, Apple, Google, and Fortnite have taken their fans on a rollercoaster ride.

Hours after Fortnite getting removed from both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and Epic filing a lawsuit against Apple, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Google for anti-competitive practices between Android and Google Play Store.

Epic also claims deeper reasons – like Google manipulating OnePlus into pulling out of a deal that would’ve had an “Epic Games Store” app pre-installed in the OnePlus phones – to be the reason behind the antitrust lawsuit.

Epic’s ultimate goal through this lawsuit could be that it wants to find an opportunity to launch Epic Games Store on Android and iOS in such a way that it’s ready to compete with both the Play Store and App Store, without having the app and game developers give up 30% of their in-app purchase revenue.


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