Back In Time: iPod Touch Intro By Steve Jobs – A Testament To How Far Apple Has Come

Apple reported stunning quarterly results on July 30th, 20′ which shot the stock price up by 10%. There is no doubt that the company that Steve Jobs started in his garage has today changed the world. The most incredible highlight of the revenue report was that now “Services” which is recurring revenue for the company accounts for a large portion of Apple’s revenues.

This is incredible when you think about the time when Apple had just the iPod along with Macs. It was the iPod that revolutionised the company and took it on a path that today makes the entire world proud. Steve always mentioned that it is not just the technology, it is the technology along with the humanities combined with the liberal arts that makes our hearts sing.

It brings tears to our eyes looking at Steve Jobs introduce the iPod touch back in 2007 at an Apple Music Event. He was so passionate about his products and even called the iPod Touch possibly “The Seventh Wonder of the World”. We just wanted to share the video with our readers as it is clearly a testament to how far Apple has come.

We miss you, Steve!