Apple Has No Plans To Acquire TikTok

Apple clearly stated that it is uninterested in acquiring TikTok and it certainly has no plans to pursue such a deal in the future. Despite a new Axios report which implied that Apple has shown “serious interest” in acquiring the short-form video sharing service.

President Trump has warned to ban TikTok in the United States over concerns related to national security. However, a report last week indicated that Microsoft was in active negotiations. Axios also told there was a sizeable private equity interest in the investment and Microsoft would be open to minority investors as part of the venture. There has also been heated speculation about other prospective buyers for the app.

Apple has been highly critical of targeted advertising which has been a core practice of TikTok’s business. Thus, such a deal would be highly unlikely.
Also, Microsoft has attempted several times to launch rivals to Facebook and YouTube, and some have asserted that a TikTok acquisition would provide the company the space it lacks in social networking.