Ulysses 20 Brings An All New Dashboard And Revision Mode Features

Ulysses, a popular writing and markdown editor app for Mac, iPad and iPhone updates to version 20 with new handy features. The UI has been redesigned by adding an all new dashboard. There’s also a built-in grammar and style check feature, revision tools, and more.

In the new dashboard column on the right hand side, you can see the outline of your current document and document statistics such as word count, character count and average reading time. The document outline lets you navigate easily to headings and sub-headings and jump to the exact point in your document. In the same view, you can navigate to elements like annotations, media and links. The panel also shows you details on attachments, notes, and grammar suggestions. The new dashboard is made available to Mac, iPad and iPhone. The dashboard doesn’t introduce any new feature, but consolidates the already existing tools in an integrated manner for easy access.

The new revision mode, available on the Mac version of Ulysses for now, will soon be made available to the iPhone and iPad later this year. Revision mode consists of two primary functionalities: support for viewing notes, comments, and annotations from other collaborators and advanced grammar and style check. The grammar and style check by LanguageTool Plus lets you review your text by simply approving or rejecting suggestions  by one or according to category that can be browsed in the dashboard. LanguageTool Plus supports 20 languages and can detect typos, punctuation errors, redundancy, and more.

Ulysses can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Mac App Store, with a subscription fee of $5.49 per month or $50 per year.