How To: Get Around Region Locked Services

It is becoming increasing common that many of our favourite apps and services have some level of region locked content – this could be for many reasons such as specific licensing in the country or just content that may be intended for a different audience – perhaps the most notable is for apps like Netflix where different movie and TV libraries may be available in one country, but not in others. Fortunately, there are a growing number of ways to get around these region locks, whether through external apps or gaps within regulation that allow for some wiggle room.

Using a VPN

The first method to avoid a region lock is within software, specifically with VPNs. It’s likely you’ve seen the many ads that are around, usually attached to tech videos or streams, but never really used one – they are good at what they do however. A simple click sets your location to some other part of the world and you’re good to go, although this does come with some drawbacks that often aren’t mentioned – if you’re in the UK for example and trying to access a site in the US, you’re always going to get a little lag as the ping delay doesn’t go away, accessing the service through a VPN only increases ping as it adds an additional step in connection. This is fine if you’re only looking to check out a movie or something similar, but anything that requires a steady connection such as playing a game that may be region locked could present some issues.

Looking for gaps

Another great way to get around region locked services is to look for gaps in regulation that allow you to slip through. This can often be found in gaming as has recently become apparent to UK players for betting sites and casinos, as recent changes found some users unable to play on certain sites – however as operators chose to register outside of this regulation such as those that have been recently registering within the US, players can access these services without any regulation restricting them from doing so and without the use of third party software – these USA casinos for UK players are typically very familiar to them too, so there’s no steep learning curve to getting used to a new service, but also serve as one of many examples available.

Finding alternatives

There is always the choice of course to look for alternative services, but this also does come with its own challenges. Whether this be a lack of diversity or unfamiliarity as these new sites may not have the full range of what is available elsewhere, or perhaps these alternatives are just not as good – but this does allow you to access these sites or services in a more legitimate way without having to worry about getting around any block. 

These region locks are only looking to get more secure as apps are now becoming very specific in some sectors, methods used to take advantage of these gaps may not always be available and as such if you’re looking to use them now, it’s important to keep in mind that they may not always work.