Netflix Reaches One Billion Installs Milestone On The Google Play Store

With a large part of the world’s population stuck indoors due to the coronavirus pandemic, video streaming platforms have witnessed a notable uptake in usage, especially Netflix. The Netflix app for Android has now attained an extraordinary 1 billion installs milestone on the Google Play Store, making it the most sought-after streaming service after YouTube.

The Netflix online streaming service has become extremely popular since its launch, with some of the most influential shows. Hence, it isn’t a surprise that it touched such an impressive download figure. Even though this figure is somewhat inflated, as Netflix does come pre-installed on some devices from the likes of Samsung and OnePlus. But to reach the milestone of 1 billion is still sporadic for many Android apps. No other streaming service has touched the 1 billion download milestone as quickly as Netflix.

Platforms such as Amazon Prime Video and Hulu are nowhere near to the one billion mark, with Amazon stuck between 100 to 500 million downloads and Hulu between 50 and 100 million downloads. On the other hand, HBO GO and Disney+ are still far off from catching up with Netflix having merely over five and ten million downloads, respectively. Besides the neat Chromecast controls, Netflix also offers mobile-only subscription options in some regions making it unquestionably one of the best streaming experiences on mobile.