Google Adds “Touch-To-Fill” Feature On Chrome To Make Auto-Filling Passwords More Convenient

Google announced a fresh update in the Chrome browser that will allow users to automatically enter saved passwords and credit card details into forms more comfortably and securely. The browser will now utilize biometric authentication technology to autofill credit card details without having to ask for the three-digit CVC each time. However, it will still ask you to provide CVC for the first time a card is used.

The update here is the latest “touch-to-fill” feature that builds on the Chrome password manager. When a user signs in, this feature will present all the saved records for the current website. The feature facilitates one-handed sign-in without scrolling to the login form.
To save and enter passwords using Chrome has its own security advantages over simply attempting to enter them by memory. Passwords can be more complicated and unique for each site or service which makes them challenging to remember. Unlike an individual, the software also can’t easily be deceived into entering them on fraudulent phishing sites.

This feature is optional and can be enabled and disabled anytime in Chrome Settings. Chrome already works on the W3C WebAuthn standard for biometric authentication on Windows and Mac. With this update, this feature will soon be available on Android.

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