Here Are All The New Features Coming To Apple Maps With iOS 14

Apple Maps did not have a distinguished start, but over the years it has continuously made improvements to bring it up to par with Google Maps. Now, with iOS 14, Apple is adding new handy features to maps.

Cycling Directions

We have seen maps showing driving directions, walking directions and even transit directions. What about bicycle directions? For users in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Shanghai, and Beijing, Apple Map is bringing cycling directions. The feature will be expanded into other parts of the world in the following months. Along with the estimated time, the map will also show traffic cautions, elevation changes and steep hills. 


Apple has partnered with brands like Zagat, Lonely Planet, AIITrails, and more to offer expert recommendations for places to visit around the city. From places to eat, shop and meet to historical landmarks, outdoor adventure activities and much more, Guides will suggest you the best destinations to spend your weekends and free time. Guides has to be that one feature you must look forward to in a post-covid world. You can even save a guide and share it with your friends. You can even create your own guide to in MacOS and share it with your friends. Guides will be available for users in San Francisco, New York, London and Los Angeles.

Electronic Vehicle Routes

For electric car owners, the EV routing feature will allow you to know when and where to charge your car. The map will record your current vehicle charge, charging time and elevation, and subsequently show you charging stops along the way. Of course, the company needs to partner with automakers to integrate the feature, and Apple said it’s only working with Ford and BMW to start with.

Speed and Red Light Cameras

Maps in iOS 14 will alert users when they are approaching a speed camera or a red light camera along their way and show the location of the cameras with warning icons.

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