Enjoy Netflix Watch Party On Apple TV And Roku With Caavo’s Watch With Friends App

We all miss the time when social distancing wasn’t a norm. To keep us engaged and feel closer to our loved ones, tech companies are doing every bit possible. Watch With Friends by Caavo is bringing the experience of watching movies and TV shows together on Roku and Apple TV. We have had remote viewing party services for quite a while now, but they work only with computers. The Watch With Friends app is available for iOSAndroid, and as a Google Chrome extension. So, the app will work in any case. But, the new update lets you have a watch party on Roku and Apple TV devices. 

Here’s how to use the App:

Watch with Friends allows you to watch content together with friends from Netflix for now, other streaming services will be added soon. Download the app or extension depending on the device. Search for the movie or TV show you want to watch from Netlix, go to ‘Share’ option and click on ‘Copy link’. Open Watch with Friends app and click on ‘Create New Party’ and paste the link in the text box. After you click ‘Next’ you will be asked to enter Party Name and Host PIN. Enter the desired name and PIN in the text box and click on ‘Create Party’. Click on ‘Invite Friends’ and send the link to your friends. Once all your friends are on board, click on ‘Start Party’ and enjoy!

Apple TV users will have to install Caavo’s Companion app to keep the content in sync. The app or Chrome extension will automatically identify Apple TV or Roku on your network and ask you which Apple TV or Roku you want to watch on. It also offers a built-in chat within the mobile app to enable you to chat with your friends or family during the show.

Each guest will need to have a Netflix subscription to be able to have a watch party. Watch with Friends for Apple TV and Roku is currently only available to users in the US.