Apple Card Holders Can Now Access Their Account Via The Web

Apple has launched an online portal for Apple Card Account holders to manage their account through the web, which includes viewing past statements, managing balances, paying bills and more. Apple Card was announced in 2019 as a part of its service industry. Partnered with Goldman Sachs, it provides a titanium card, does not charge any fee and offers its users a lot of other benefits in the form of cashbacks. Earlier, all transactions and other activities happened only via the Wallet App installed on a campatible Apple device. Now, the user will no longer need to rely on their iPhone or iPad to carry out their Apple Account functions. That doesn’t mean, you will not need an Apple device to acquire the Apple Card in the first place.

A website just makes it easier, in case you aren’t using your iPhone anymore or you have misplaced it. Under such a circumstance, usually you would have to call Goldman Sachs directly to carry out the function.

To view the account via the web, the user will have to log in to the site using their Apple ID. Once the user logs in, the main page opens with the payments window which shows the balance amount, credit available, due date and the amount to be paid. The user can also schedule a payment to avoid any delay. From the left- side navigation bar, the user can check the installment history and past statements which can be downloaded as a PDF. The Settings option lets the user manage their accounts and lastly, the support option provides contact for any queries and also includes the card terms and conditions.

However, the Card holders cannot really experience all the features of the Wallet App. The Website is only meant for making and scheduling payments ane performing other basic functions. The features such as blocking the card and requesting for a new one on losing the card, managing Expresss Transit settings and Push Notifications are only available on the Wallet App.