5 iPhone 11 Tips You Might Not Know About

There are hundreds of secret iPhone 11 tips that you may not know but, you can guarantee that they’re going to improve your experience. From simple camera tricks to complicated settings, you’re able to do almost anything from the comfort of your iPhone.

Get the best out of your speakers

A lot of smartphones nowadays will put limits on the volume to keep your hearing in check. There are actually ways you can get around this and push it to the max. First of all, head into your Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual and turn off Phone Noise Cancellation. Go back and head into Hearing Devices and turn on Hearing Aid Compatibility. From here, scroll down to your music settings and select ‘Late Night’ under the EQ settings. You’ll also want to make sure to turn on sound check here. Now, when you play music, it’s going to be louder and even play at a better quality.

Fun features to unlock

So, whilst Face ID and Touch ID are impressive enough, you can actually unlock your phone using your voice. By this, we don’t mean asking Siri to unlock it. You’ll have to fiddle around with a few settings to get it to work first. Head over to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control > Custom Commands and set a customer command. You’ll have to choose a phrase that you want to use when unlocking the phone and type that in. You are then going to need to run a customer gesture and tap where your passcode would be. Press stop once you’re done and you’ll be good to unlock with your voice.

Turn yourself into a comic book character

We’ve all been in the situation where we just want to know what we look like as a comic character. On recent iPhones, you can actually do exactly that. Take it a step further than Memojis and create yourself as a comic. First of all, you are going to need to make sure you’re all set up as a Memoji, which is something you do completely yourself. From there, go into your iMessages and tap the camera icon and then the effects icon in the bottom left corner. By tapping the monkey icon, you can add your Memoji over the top of your face. Go back and select the effects icon and choose the effect titled ‘Comic’. Enjoy taking photos and recording videos as your very own comic book character.

Screen Recording Tricks

A lot of the time, when you send a screen recording to someone, it’s to show them something which usually needs to be explained further. You can actually save time and avoid typing out your explanation by just talking with the screen recording. To use this feature, tap and hold the screen recording icon from your control centre. You should see an option window appear, just select Microphone at the bottom. Tap ‘Start Recording’ and your screen and mic will now be recording. Simply talk over the top of the recording and send it to your friends and family.

Capture Moments in Videos

This is actually a trick that a lot of people already know about however, if you don’t know about it, you need to. When you’re filming a video, you sometimes imagine that a photo might just be better. You can also miss the best photo opportunities. Lucky for you, you can actually now take photos whilst filming videos. Imply tap the big red recording icon to start the video and tap the small white shutter icon in the bottom right corner. When you go to your photo gallery, you’ll see all the captures that have been taken. This feature is especially great for capturing action photos without the struggle.

Of course, these iPhone 11 tips are also available on any other iPhone’s working on the most recent version of iOS. You will need an iPhone to use these so head over to Fonehouse to check out their best iPhone 11 deals so you can get in on the action.