Top 5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime Video In India

Amazon-PrimeIt’s a tough time for everyone. Now, more than ever, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic situation, everyone is looking for a way to entertain themselves. Hands-down, the most popular source of entertainment, is binge-watching web series.  Watching movies and web-series is keeping us glued to our seats and helping us pass time.

If you are someone who uses Amazon Prime, you will know exactly what they have got to offer. But, what to do if you run out of options on Amazon Prime? Is there any alternative to it? If this is a lingering question in your mind, then there is some good news for you. TheAppleGoogle has come up with Top 5 Alternatives To Amazon Prime Video in India, which will help you explore the entertainment world to its depth with the variety of options available.



First on the list, as expected, is Netflix – the highest streamed, downloaded and subscribed video streaming platform in the country. With regards to content to offer, Netflix consistently had the edge over others. At the worldwide stage, the brand picked up ubiquity by gaining probably the greatest TV shows and motion pictures, and especially in India. With the best talent onboard from Bollywood in their Netflix Originals, has tremendously helped them increase a major piece of the viewership.

The release of Sacred Games turned out to be a boon for Netflix. This brilliant strategy of infiltrating the market by offering local substance did some incredible things for Netflix India. Thus, adventures like Lust Stories and Ghoul proceeded to get one of the main hits of the American stage as well.

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2. Voot Select


The pool of choices just got bigger with Viacom’s Voot presenting Voot Select, it’s top-notch offerings that will provide unique Indian substance alongside coordinated global substance for premium clients. Voot Select has ventured into the first original series showcase with four releases — Asur, Marzi, The Raikar Case and Illegal and much more. Creation of new, gripping and interesting content is now changing the focus of the Indian Audience to explore the parameters and variables of shows that Voot Select has got to offer, making it an amazing alternative to Prime.

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3. Hotstar Premium


There have been debates stating that Hotstar Premium offers 10 times better search capacities when compared to Amazon Prime. Right from Local and gripping content to most loved international web series like Game of Thrones and even Content for children in wide variations of Disney movies, Hotstar is definitely acing and making its mark on the video streaming platform, making it third on our list today. Not only does Hotstar Premium offers a variety of content but also, offers the same for an absolutely affordable price to its Indian subscribers, which is also the lowest quoted subscription amongst all video streaming platforms. Sounds great? Hotstar Premium is definitely worth the shot for Indian audiences who are looking for an at par alternative for Prime.

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4. Zee5 Originals


ZEE5 Originals was introduced with its current list of films, and all the while was gushing with unique shows like America Mappillai, Life Sahi Hai, Karenjit Kaur – The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, which turned into an immediate hit among the crowd and continued creating its name within the video streaming platforms, making it fourth on our list. It is one of the only video streaming platforms that offers content with 12 languages. The original content is dubbed in the 12 local languages of the users which include, English, Hindi, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Odia and Punjabi.

Rangbaaz, The Final Call and Bhram are one of the top watches of Zee5 Originals that you must definitely not miss and watch right away.

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5. Jio Cinema


Jio characterizes JioCinema as a most demanded video library with motion pictures, TV Shows, music recordings, Jio shorts, narratives and trailers. In plain words, JioCinema is a video gushing assistance offered by Jio wherein you can watch films, TV appears, Jio special features, narratives and trailers.

Furthermore, Jio has additionally joined forces with Disney India to offer famous Disney motion pictures like Toy Story 3, The Jungle Book, The Lion King and much more. In any case, you need to open your user access to JioDisney segment by sharing the Disney connect with five of your contacts through WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram or Facebook. Jio Cinema allows users to watch their favourite movies and TV shows, but the best part is, it is absolutely free for Jio users. Other network users have to purchase the subscription but it is absolutely worth it, because Jio Cinema allows you to access other TV Shows just from one App.

If you don’t have the App yet, you can download it from here

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