The First Batch Of iPhone 12 Won’t Be Featuring BOE Screens

iphone-12According to recent reports, Samsung will not be sporting BOE OLEDs in its future Galaxy S21 Series and now, even Apple doesn’t seen to be giving a heads up on BOE¬† too. Reports states that Samsung will be responsible for about close to 80% of the OLEDs which is intended to feature in the new iPhone 12 series with all the four variants sporting an OLED Display feature.

OLED panels will most probably be making its way into the market as BOE has still not been given a green light is and is yet to pass the final testing phase since August last year. Hence, the tech giant will be utilising Samsungs OLED Panels which are on the higher end but reliable whereas BOE costs the company 20% lesser.

Although, the rumours have stated that only the first phase of iPhone 12 series will not be featuring BOE Screens which might hint, that BOE Displays must be on the brim of clearance and this might be the last batch featuring OLED Panels. It is assumed that BOE will be featured in the second batch of iPhone 12 production when it is up to Apple’s quality standards. History has it, Apple has used BOE Display screen in many of its devices in the past and we are pretty sure that it will make its come back with BOE Screens anytime soon.

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