Study On Your iPhone With These Incredible Apps

iPhones are great tools, and you can achieve quite a lot with them. Recording Grammy-nominated albums, film entertaining videos, edit footage on an almost professional level, retouch and enhance the quality of your photos, perform office tasks, including creating presentations and documents, holding conference calls, among many other things.

Although the iPhone is so capable and versatile, there is one thing Apple users obviously prefer to do more than anything else, which is learning new things. The number of educational apps on the App Store in staggering, and it towers over other categories found on the platform. As of the first quarter of 2020, the total amount of iPhone applications available to users is inching closer and closer to 2 million.

The overall number of educational apps for the iPhone environment is almost 200,000. With the ever-increasing app usage and user iPhone interaction time (especially in our global pandemic circumstances), people are trying to educate themselves more and more. This is great because the iPhone allows all people, no matter their situation, to learn new languages, new professions, new everything in the comfort of their own home.

Top 10 Educational iOS Applications

Still, there is a small but – with many such applications, there are bound to be some apps that are not that great at all. So, we’ve decided to create a list of our favorite apps to help you on your journey to learn new skills and knowledge!

Khan Academy

How about a completely free platform that is available to people around the world? Khan Academy is exactly that, a socially-minded education app that empowers people to go on and learn about several topics, including but not limited to math, science, art, history, and computing. This app provides you with tons of instructional video materials, exercises, quizzes, drills, and, most importantly, personalized learning pace and difficulty.


This application tackles the task of educating people in a new and adventurous way. The people that developed this app and the different learning courses found within the app want you, the user, to better your overall thinking abilities, ingenuity, and problem-solving skills. How do you achieve this? By solving creative puzzles in math and science, visualizing abstract ideas, learning to code (just a bit), building circuits, among many others. Brilliant will give you brilliant cognitive abilities as a result of you solving creative problems.


Coursera is exactly what you want if you want to learn a new trade or change your main specialization. Coursera was one of the first brands to settle into 100% online professional certification, so this is one of the best options available to you. Apart from simple courses on general topics (like in previous apps), Coursera has partnered with numerous universities and top companies to create the courses. After completion, you’ll receive an accredited certificate that will allow you to get new, previously-unavailable jobs!


This educational app concentrates more on educating people on creative and intangible skills from various disciplines that you cannot really get an accredited certificate for: from sewing dresses to making blog websites, editing funny videos, drawing, becoming a personal essay writer service, and so on. One of the biggest pluses of Skillshare is that it’s an online learning community with an emphasis on the word ‘community.’ Basically, anyone who wants to can share their unique knowledge and abilities on this platform. This point separates Skillshare from other platforms.


This iOS ed application is unique in its own way too! Almost all courses found on the website are absolutely free if you want to undergo training. However, if you want a certificate after you finish with real attestation, then you’ll have to pay for the course: this is the unique aspect of this platform. So, if you don’t care much for certificates, then university-grade education is accessible for everybody for free.


Have you been thinking lately about learning to program? Well, then SoloLearn is a great, absolutely free service with practice-oriented courses that get you acquainted with some popular and relevant programming languages of today, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, PHP, Swift, etc.


This application is an unbelievable experience, as it allows you to learn through being in and interacting with virtual spaces. A wide range of videos will transport you to incredible spaces and teach you about fascinating things that populate our incredible world.

The Bottom Line

The iOS App Store platform is filled with the most amazing applications. The educations apps allow people to get a higher education degree, complete a professional certificate, increase creativity and problem-solving, visit unusual spaces, and see unbelievable things all from the comfort and security of your home.