iPhone’s New Picture In Picture Feature: All You Need To Know

iPhone owners eligible for the new iOS 14 update will be able to enjoy the Picture in Picture feature. This feature was innovated by Samsung, and later acquired by all Android phones. Although, iPad have had this feature for quite a while now, for iPhone it’s a new feature all together. For those iPhone users who have craved to be able to multitask between watching a video or listening to a podcast and simultaneously doing other things on the phone, now won’t have to toggle between different tabs.

While you are watching a video on any of the apps that supports PiP, it strikes to you that you have to quicky reply to a text or check your email, but do not want to switch back and forth, this feature comes to your rescue. The user will just have to swipe up to go Home and the video window will shrink to appear in the corner of the screen. The video can be dragged anywhere on the screen according to convenience. The video can also be skipped forward or backward, paused and played. Apps that will support PiP includes – Apple TV, Podcasts, Safari, iTunes, FaceTime and any other third-party app that supports the feature in iPad. For YouTube, the feature works only for videos opened using Safari, unless the user has YouTube Premium subscription. Other video app developers have started working on supporting PiP on iOS 14. Jordanna Kwok, Engineering Head at Netflix tweeted that the support for this feature has been added for iOS in the Netflix App.

Apple’s Picture in Picture is capable of giving a tough competition to Android’s PiP. In an Android phone, one cannot drag the video screen beyond the margins of the phone screen, whereas iPhone allows the user to hide away video by swiping it to the left or right and still listen to the audio. Another ability of Apple’s PiP is that the user can zoom in by pinching the screen, which Android phones does not offer. You can zoom in once in an Android phone by tapping the screen, but another tap will open it to full screen view. One potential that Android holds over Apple is its ability to support the feature in Google Maps as well, where the user can keep an eye on the directions while performing another task.

One can install the beta version of iOS 14 to test all the new features that are soon coming later this year to iPhones. The oldest model to get iOS 14 will be the iPhone 6S.

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