iPhone 12 To Be Sold Without Earbuds And Charger For Economizing

While we wait for the new iPhone 12 to launch later this year, a new report suggests that, iPhone 12 might not include earbuds and power adapter. This measure is being taken to cover the cost of producing a 5G phone. Apple, apparantly, wants to keep the price of the new iPhone at par with that of iPhone 11 by removing the in-box accessories with probably only the USB-C to Lightning cable inside the box, which is a big question mark too. TF Securites analyst, Ming-chi Kuo had predicted in the past that Apple will soon end the production of its 5W and 18W power adapters and instead sell 20W power adapters separately. With the removal of in-box wired earphones, Apple is trying to push the sales of AirPods as after launching two new models last year, Apple is not expected to launch a new lineup this year. This measure is expected to drive the sales of AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro.

It is also expected that Apple will remove the 5W charging adaptor from iPhone SE Second-Gen models later this year, but iPad will continue to pack the 12W charging adaptor that is included in current generations. 

With no earbuds and power adapters, the size of the packaging will be reduced and new iPhones will be sold in a more slimmer pack. This move can prove to be environmentally friendly and reduce shopping costs as a single shipment could carry more packages.

If the customers are longtime iPhone users, they would probably already have a spare power adapter and need not shell out extra bucks. If not, the customer will have to spend extra money on top of the cost of iPhone 12. Anyhow, buyers of Apple products have always adjusted to most of the changes the company has introduced for the sales or features. Thereby, this big change might not really have a negative impact on the company in the long run.