New iOS 14 Features That Will Give Users A Feel Of Android

This year’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference witnessed a host of announcement made by Apple. The company revealed the all new iOS 14 with multiple new features along with iPadOS 14, MacOS Big Sur and updates to the current TVOS and WatchOS, as well as switching to ARM processor in MacBooks . Among all the new features that were announced with iOS 14 update, there were few that resembled Android features.

iOS will now support customizable home screen widgets. Not just that, it also brings back Window’s live tile feature which will let the users pin widgets like music to see what’s playing, or live photos from the camera roll.

App Library
The feature similar to Android’s App Drawer, will let the users to declutter their home screen by organising apps into groups. With this feature, users can also hide unnecessary apps from the home screen.

Bubble Call Notification
This feature will allow the users to answer or decline a call from the drop notification at top of the screen, similar to Android’s Heads Up Notification.

iOS 14’s new translation app is enabled with translating between 11 languages in real-time conversation. Google translate is capable of translating conversations between 8 languages for 14 years now.

App Clips
App Clip allows the user to use a part of an app without actually downloading and signing up. Google’s Instant App launched in 2016 comes with the same feature which was introduced for its low storage phones.

This feature allows the users to watch a video while using other apps. The video screen will shrink which can be pinned anywhere on the screen. Android phones and YouTube premium subscription allow users with the same feature.

Wind Down Mode
The feature helps users to put the device on Do Not Disturb Mode with options for playing relaxing songs before bed which us similar to Google’s Bedtime mode that also supports grayscale mode.

Cycling Direction
Apple Maps will now show cycling mode that gives direction for bike riding along with the elevation changes, a feature which Google Maps has had since 2010.

Siri Footprint
Siri will no longer take up the entire screen while answering queries. Similar to Google Assistant, it will cover only the bottom part of the device.

Although, big tech companies are known for innovating, it is not unusual to see them borrowing features from one another, whether its Facebook cloning Snapchat Stories in Instagram and Facebook or Samsung supporting Apple’s swipe anywhere feature to unlock instead of sliding a button. After all, great minds do think alike!