Google To Launch Sabrina: A New Android TV Dongle

Google-Android-TV-DongleGoogle’s Android TV Dongle rumours have been doing rounds for quite some time now as there was no solid evidence of its arrival. But as per the latest reports, we have something in hand about Google’s latest arrival now. Named Sabrina, the new Android TV Dongle is a much-hyped addition to the Google Chromecast Series. This will be the only device with more capabilities and features than the Chromecast series of devices.

The pictures of the remote in the report show a reduced unit, with the bearing cushion and a couple of catches appearing. True to form, the Google Assistant catch is featured on the remote, recommending that voice controls will be a huge piece of the list of capabilities on the new gadget.

There’s likewise no word on the official marking of the gadget. Despite the fact that the codename is known, until further notice, it’s conceivable that the tech-giant will go with its ‘Home’ marking to connect the gadget to its current scope of brilliant speakers and showcases. All things considered, it will accompany support for 4K gushing, alongside HDR up to the Dolby Vision group, as we would see it.

The main highlight of experience will be the product itself, and Google is known for pushing new forms of its Android and Android TV programming with its own equipment. Android TV is long past due for an update, and almost certainly, the most recent rendition would turn out with the new Google spilling gadget. Pictures in the report show a newly structured UI that goes with a substance first methodology, like how contending brilliant TV working frameworks get things done. This focuses on the new form of Android TV, supposed to be re-marked to ‘Google TV’.

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