Android 11 Beta Launched

Android -11-Google-Beta-1As per recent news, Google has launched its Android 11 Beta 1. Earlier, Google cancelled the web conference which was scheduled for last week due to the protest held in US with subject to George Floyd. However, the tech giant did launch 12 talks which was dated to release on YouTube today. As per sources, the company will be hosting 11 weeks of Android which will cover topics including machine learning, UI and jetpacks.

Android 11 will focus on 3 themes namely People, Control and Privacy. Talking about People, Google is making Android more people-centric by improving the way people have a conversation on their mobiles. The implementation of a dedicated section located at the top of the notification bar called conversations will allow users to set reminders and create homescreen shortcuts to conversational threads.

Apart from this, users can now get one-tap access to conversations with the help of the bubble feature which will allow users to open the full conversation at any time. Other important feature updates include keyboard suggestions and voice access.


Talking about Control, this tentpole spotlights on making it simple to control users home gadgets and Bluetooth extras by holding the power button surfaces Device Controls. Google Home as of now bolsters the new API that permits any application to show up in this network. For instance, you can tap to turn on/off lights and simply drag the tile to change the device brightness. In the interim, Media Controls will allow users to switch or change the output playing sound/video to earphones, speakers, or TVs, while Now Playing is incorporated with Quick Settings. This element can be enabled in Beta 1 from Developer Options > Media resumption in front of default availability.


Lastly, the theme for Android 11 will be user Privacy. External applications will have limited access to the user’s microphone, location and camera settings, Apart from this, an auto-reset of privacy settings will take place for those applications which have not been used for a long period of time.


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