Google Photos Gets An Elegant New Design With A More Organized Layout

Photos are a powerful medium to capture memories and Smartphones have made it easier to preserve these moments. Google created Google Photos to organize thousands of photos into albums. On its fifth year anniversary, Google Photos is getting a fresh new look with a more simpler interface. The ‘Pinwheel’ logo is also getting a more sleeker and refined look. The App will now have a three-tab layout replacing the previous four-tab layout, that can be spotted at the bottom of the screen. The tabs are – Photos, Search and Library.

The Photos tab includes all the photos and auto-playing videos. The memories section in the same tab which has replaced the For you section, is divided into three, displaying an automatically generated carousel of your best pictures, recent highlights and memories form past years. The user will be able to hide certain pictures from this section. The search tab lets you search for people, places and things just like earlier, but with a new, much demanded, interactive map view which will allow users to find their photos attached to the respective location, that is, if the photo was taken with the location data on. The Album tab is completely gone and its functions are now present in the Library Tab which includes folders of all your favourite pictures, trash can, archived photos and a shortcut to Print Store for users in US, Canada and EU. The Sharing Tab is gone as well, but it can be viewed via the ‘Conversation’ icon in the top left corner across all tabs.

The new changes cover not just the App’s interface, but also the Pinwheel logo, which is getting a simlplified and a more polarized version. The new design has been rolled out and you can anticipate seeing these changes on your phone over the next week.