Google Meet Adding New Group Video Calling Features To Compete With Zoom

Amid the ongoing pandemic, video calls have witnessed a massive boom. With Zoom’s and Google Meet’s popularity reaching great heights, there has been a constant comparison between the two. Zoom offers several features which are not available on Google Meets, giving Zoom the upper hand. Zoom’s sales increased by 169% in just 3 months. Google Meets has been working on reinventing itself and making it more user friendly. Smart Displays such as Nest Hub Max, LG XBOOM AI ThinQ, WK9, JBL Link View and Lenovo’s 8-inch and 10-inch Smart Displays will now support group calling feature through Google Duo, whereas Meet group video calling is available only on Nest Hub Max.Besides, Google Meet recently added noise cancellation feature and is now adding more new features to the App exclusively for educational users, at least for now. New features included are:

  • Virtual background, with the ability to blur out or entirely replace the background with default or custom images.
  • The grid has been upgraded to fit 16 participants on the screen at once and is now the interface is further being expanded to fit 49 users.
  • When someone asks to join the meeting by ‘knocking’, they won’t be allowed to knock again after being removed from the meeting twice by the moderator to avoid any disturbance.
  • Participants will be able to raise their hands to say or ask something by clicking on the ‘Hand Raising’ option.
  • The host can now view who all attended the meeting to keep a track of the attendance.
  • A large meeting group can be split into smaller groups with the ‘Breakout Rooms’ feature which provides a space for parallel discussion.
  • Real-time Polling can be hosted and an interruption free Q&A can also take place.
  • The host will be able to mute participants, turn-off chat, restrict who can present their screens and end the meet for all after the session is over.
  • Anonymous participants won’t be able to access the meeting.

Google is working on ‘Hey Google’ voice control for Google Meet to keep surface touches to the minimum and allowing participants to join without tapping on the screen. Additionally, Google is also planning on offering a virtual whiteboard.

The massive change that Google is bringing to its Video Calling App with all the new features will soon be available later this year. Google is sure giving a tough competition to Zoom.

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