Facebook For Android Gets Dark Mode And More

Facebook-Dark-ModeWith the dark theme hitting the market and gaining its popularity for a long time in many Apps such as Instagram, Facebook Lite, WhatsApp Messenger and Messenger, Facebook has been going in its own pace. Reports had suggested that Facebook is working on the same, but nothing solid had been seen until now. But, with the recent news doing its rounds, we have come across interesting screenshots that show progress in the arrival of dark mode for Facebook as well as a bunch of other exciting and brand new features as well.

Talking about the dark theme for Facebook, there have been screenshots that have been circulating in social media which shows a stable dark mode theme for Facebook App. The App will use the manual setting of the users Android 10 device and in addition to that, it will also feature a manual toggle. The execution of this feature is similar to what is seen in other Apps where there is an option for opting for dark grey instead of pure black. The development is not yet completed but mostly will be completed anytime soon.



Facebook has also come up with a new feature which has a built-in tracker for COVID-19 cases. The feature shows the total count of cases that have occurred in the area, the number of increase per unit area and also sh0ws an approximate analysis of the total count of cases in the area of the user which is quite helpful for users who are trying to keep a tab on the situation.


Lastly, Facebook has released a new feature similar to Instagram that shows the Activity Status of the users. The feature is built in a way to give users an idea of how many actual average hours a user is active on the platform. There is no official update as to when these updates will be rolled out to the users but we are assuming, it should be anytime soon.

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