Cyber Safety App Review: SafeToNet

SafeToNet makes the digital world safer for children to explore and enjoy.

Social Media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. With many advantages that it has, on the flip-side, it can also prove to be very toxic. The toxic side becomes a matter of concern particularly when you have kids. Chances are you are worried that their online presence is causing more harm than good. Over 92% of cyber-bullying victims suffer anxiety and lack of self-esteem.

A UK based cyber-safety App, SafeToNet, which is available in various countries around the world. The SafeToNet App can currently be downloaded in the following countries: The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Qatar. Local subscription prices varies from country to country. It is available on Google Play Store, App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store. It runs on Android 6 or higher, or a mobile device that runs on Apple iOS 11 or higher. The App is focused on educating children to make better decisions online. The consequences of cyber-bullying go beyond low self-esteem, worthlessness and helplessness. It impacts mental health and can lead to self-harm. SafeToNet is an award winning and patented technology, that uses artificial intelligence software, aiming at creating an inclusive solution for imparting education to children by identifying and blocking harmful content online before it is sent, minimising the impact and harm.

Content & Features

The App uses Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Analytics to help children against cyberbullying, sextortion, abuse and aggression. Parents can download the app to their child’s device, and pair it to their own device. The App supports smart keyboard that detects risk in real-time and gives advice on how to deal with the situation better. The App identifies when the child is under threat or distress, and sends their parents a Safety Indicator alert when the child’s safety status changes. The App will never show the parent what the child is sending or receiving, thereby, the child’s right for privacy is maintained. The App offers the following features :

Smart Keyboard
SafeToNet’s supports a built-in smart keyboard that replaces all other keyboards on your child’s device. It analyses the content of the message as they type and detects any form of threat to their well-being or the well-being of person on the other end. This includes any signs of stress or anxiety, dark thoughts, as well as bullying and abuse. It sends an alert when a negative message is detected. The color of the alert changes according to the intensity of risk. It uses amber and red to guide the child on how to tackle a particular risk, and purple if it senses that your child might be feeling low and is in need of support.

Real-Time Feedback
Once the smart keyboard detects any threat, the app acts as an assistant and provides the child with friendly alerts before they send a message. It displays a note to advise them. For example, it may encourage your child to consider the consequences of the message they are typing.

Digital Well-being Tools
The App supports a digital well-being assistant that offers well-being tools when the software detects risk to the child. For example, it provides the child with in-the-moment poscast on how to deal with bullying, low self-esteem, anxiety, sadness, or any other threat for that matter.

Emotion Diary
It is known for a fact that writing about how you feel helps you with recognizing your trigger points and controlling them to improve your mental health and mood. SafeToNet emotion diary helps your child identify patterns in their own behavior and try to corresponded those patterns to how they send messages to others online. They can also make use of the SafeToNet ‘Face Wheel’, that visually changes expression as the child selects their current mood.

Safety Insights
The Safety Indicator measures the child’s online safety in a graphical form. It allows you and your child to follow their risk standing over a particular period of time. The details of what the child writes is kept safe with them. Parents can only view the graph and the changes in it.

Explore The Signs
When a significant risk is detected, the software alerts the parent. Parents are guided through an interactive symptoms checklist that eventually gives tailored advice and guidance. This helps parents to identify and understand what the problem may be.

The safeguarding software uses machine learning to understand your child’s behavioral patterns over time and learn how to protect them more effectively.

Display & Appearance

SafeToNet’s software has been developed with a lot of time and patience to make its artificial intelligence algorithms make automated decisions to safeguard children online with an attractive interface. The App provides clever assistance with clear instructions and navigation which makes it easy to use. The parent’s dashboard is separate from that of the child’s, as SafeToNet software always respects the child’s rights to privacy. It explains to the child what the software does and how it affects them with simplified terms, making it further user friendly for the child.

Final Verdict

Although, it might be tough to convince your child to install such an App as they wouldn’t like the idea of being under constant surveillance, a healthy conversation is all that it will take. The App in no way allows parents to intrude with the privacy of the child. In a time where cyber crime is reaching heights, such a child friendly App can help to combat it. For the same reason, SafeToNet hopes to expand further in new markets.