Apple May Charge Google $15 Billion If It Invests In DuckDuckGo

Apple-Google-Search-EngineAs per recent reports, it is being said that Apple may charge Google a massive amount of $15 Billion per year which is double of what Google is paying right now if Apple decides to invest in DuckDuckGo, making it the default search browser on iOS and Mac devices. Anyhow, by taking this step, Apple might put $7-$8 Billion of its fixed yearly income from Google at stake, as the tech-giant might refuse to pay $15 Billion to Apple.

As of now, Google is dominating and the most popular search engine in the market. Apple might seem stronger and in a more powerful position when compared to Google given its control over who can monetise over iOS search. Although, Apple is dependant on Bing to a certain level to counterweight Google and hence Apple is recommended to get a search engine of its own.

In order to be the default search engine on iOS, Google pays Apple a sum of $7 billion annually. However, Google makes $25 billion from ad-revenues on from searches in Apple devices. There are some potential advantages here for Apple. DuckDuckGo is very security centred, as is Apple, while Google is a consistent objective of protection claims and lawful activities, especially in the European Union yet in addition in the U.S., where it’s as of now confronting a $5 billion legal claim.

In any case, Google is the pioneer in the search space, and clients may make a statement, changing to Google in any case. What’s more, Apple could confront much progressively antitrust consideration by purchasing a critical player in search. Plus, Apple doesn’t generally do acquisitions, with the exception of little however deliberately huge organizations, by and large for tens or a huge number of dollars.

Keeping aside all the assumptions, practical calculations state that Apple has more to lose with this deal than it has to gain. Only time will let us know as to what the future has in store for the tech-giant.

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