If You Set This Image As Your Wallpaper, Your Android Phone Will Get Bricked

Wallpaper-GoogleAs per the latest news, there is a particular wallpaper doing rounds that actually has a setting which can soft-brick your phone. The issue persisted because of the colour-coding of the image, which exceeded the bounds of what Google Android 10 phones could handle. The image also could to an entire crash in your device which will make it non-usable in the future.

The issue was uncovered by Ice Universe, the Chinese Twitter clients known for spills. In view of client reports, numerous models from Samsung and Google are influenced, while we’ve additionally observed a few reports from clients of OnePlus, Nokia, and Xiaomi gadget. From many testing and seeing client reports, Huawei gadgets appear to be less presented to the backdrop crash issue.

There are a couple of arrangements, contingent upon how hard the android mobile is hit. A few clients had the option to change the backdrop in the short span between crashes. Others had achievement in erasing the backdrop utilizing the recuperation instrument TWRP. However, much of the time, the main arrangement was to reset the mobile to plant settings, losing any information that is not supported up.

This is a bug which has been doing rounds and causing a sense of panic amongst the effected users. Although, we have not got any official statement from Google for the same but the solution is expected at the earliest possible date.

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