Why The FBI Is Once Again ‘Unhappy’ With Apple

apple-fbicaseUS law enforcement authorities and Apple haven’t had the best of connections. What’s more, presently the FBI has by and by lashed out at Apple for not being useful. Apple who is known to be a pedant for its privacy has not gone down too well with the fondness of the FBI on certain events. One such event to be mentioned would be the Pensacola Shooting incident in Florida which took place on December 19th.

Pensacola Naval Air station was attacked by Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani and he killed 3 sailors and injured 8 of them. While the accused was also killed during the attack, but the FBI had traced his backgrounds, linking him to Al-Qaeda. During the investigation the FBI found out that the accused had an iPhone. The FBI then asked Apple to unlock the iPhone and give it to the FBI, but Apple handed over the data without actually unlocking the device.

During a press conference held yesterday, Apple was criticized by US Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray stating, “We received, effectively, no help from Apple. The crucial evidence on the killer’s phone was kept from us and they did all the investigating without knowing what they did now.”

Barr also stated,” I’ve seen no sign that Apple has moved the needle, or is willing to try to move the needle.” According to Barr, what Apple did, could have dangerous consequences.

At a media conference, Barr reported, “For some reason, there are some tech companies who feel that they’re above that and that they can unilaterally make decisions based on their business interests and regardless of the dangers posed to the public and we cannot let that happen.”

Apple has not made any official statement in regards to the allegations imposed upon them of being of no help. On the contrary, Apple stated that it has provided all the necessary help possible including gigabytes of information, iCloud backups, and other accounts related information.

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