How To Transfer Google Play Music To YouTube Music


The ultimate soul food for humans is Music and when it amounts up to Google Music its double the fun! Google Play Music has been closed somewhere by Google and the clients are being moved to YouTube Music which is another of Google’s Music applications. Anyhow, if you were a Google Play Music lover,  you must be looking for an alternative.

Why did Google Shut Down Google Play Music?


Google had chosen to close down Google Play Music for a long time at this point. The intention was to snatch endorsers from YouTube. Google prior had these two Music applications and the income from them was pretty the equivalent. Be that as it may, YouTube offered to be more music source with direct band transfers and the capacity to make recordings into playlists. Additionally, clients were more pulled in to it to tune in to and watch music.

So at long last Google, at last, chose to move Google Play Music users to YouTube Music. The Google Play Music users were sent an email and were approached to download YouTube music. The users needed to tap on the Transfer button. Try not to stress underneath is a point by point control for the equivalent.

How to Transfer Google Play Music to YouTube Music


Follow the steps below to Transfer Google Play Music to Youtube Music:

  1. Download Youtube Music for Android or Ios
  2. Once you open the app, tap the Transfer button. This will move all your data to Youtube Music.
  3. You will be able to see Youtube Updated Recommendations on the Youtube Main Screen.

How to transfer Google Play Music Podcasts?


In order to transfer Google Play Music Podcasts, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Google Podcast Transfer page
  2. Tap on the transfer button
  3. The podcast and subscriptions will now be transferred to Google Podcast.
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